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A Postcard from Ljubljana

Category : Black & White, Street photography · by Jan 31st, 2017

I remember the days I started with photography.  I lived in one of the most beautiful cities in the world – Ljubljana. And I remember how I wanted to travel to some exotic city to make some photos. Today I live abroad, and I get excited every time I travel to Ljubljana, to take some photos. When I get there, it feels kind of strange. It feels exotic and domestic at the same time.
So, through the years some rolls of undeveloped film got piled up in my drawer. I started developing them and every roll has a photo or two from Ljubljana. I titled this photo “A Postcard from Ljubljana”, as it feels like I just received a postcard from my hometown. It feels kind of cool to develop old (well, not really that old, only two years or so) negatives… Oh, and I noticed that stand up paddling is really popular on the Ljubljanica river. I have to try it out someday!

Note to myself: Next time use a different developer with the Efke 100 film. For a relatively slow film, it’s grain gets kind of gritty soaked in Rodinal.


Do naslednjič,


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