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Traces of Speed

Category : Black & White, Documentary · by Dec 4th, 2017

If you pick the right time, Scandinavian summer weather is perfect for cycling. The days are magnificently long and every evening a 3 to 4 hour long sunset greets you. And then there are regional roads with lovely and peaceful scenery. Sometimes it takes quite some time for it to change, so it can get a bit monotonous. The landscape can go unchanged up to the whole day of cycling on the regional main road, but every 10 kilometres or so, there are dark black skid marks to be seen all over the asphalt…

We were somewhere in Sweden in Skärblacka about a full day of cycling away from Stockholm where we picked out a place for our tent just on the edge of the woods. Scandinavia, especially Sweden and Finland are great for cycling adventurers as they allow free camping basically everywhere. Well, there are some limitations, but I will not get into them here. Anyway, we just pitched our tent, cooked our dinner on our trusty camping stove and prepared ourselves for the coming battle against insects. It is quite a chore to unpack and repack everything on a cycling tour, but it becomes a routine. We swiftly crawled into our tent to escape the mosquitos and wanted to get a good night sleep before we cycle to Stockholm the next day. The night started falling at about 11 p.m. and suddenly car engine roars and tyre screeching started piercing through the quiet nature and they lasted well into the morning hours. I knew before that the skid marks on the roads were from illegal street races, but hearing the roars and screeching piercing through the night gave it a whole new dimension.

We cycled 1340 km from Sylt, Germany to Helsinki, Finland and we cycled 650 km in Sweden from Malmö to Stockholm, where I also made the series titled “Traces of Speed”.


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